Panhandle Skirmish XXIII

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          Troll Open at 2pm


          8:00am – Armor Inspection open for Heavy & Rapier

          9:30am – Youth Pavilion Opens- Outdoor Games

          9:45am – Armor Inspection closes

          10:00am – Fighting Heavy and Rapier Start

          11:00am – Youth Pavilion closed

          12:00pm – Fundraiser Lunch for Newcomer fund

          1:00pm – Youth Pavilion (Kids Vs Adults) Field Day and Fighting (both) open again

          2:00pm – Youth Pavilion Field Heraldry

          2:15pm – Rapier Champion – Discretion of the Crown

          3:00pm – Youth Pavilion and Most fighting closes

          4:00pm – Court

          After court – Food


        Off site by Noon